N***S thought M.O.P. stood for Mop!

M.O.P. For years I have been a M.O.P. fan and copped every album since they dropped “To the Death” in 1994.  If you ever heard “How about some hardcore” in a club or house party you knew it was time to salute extra hard! With countless anthems under their belt including the mosh pit starting “Ante up!” M.O.P. is easily one of the top 5 duos of all time.  But why do so many sleep on them when it comes to record sales?  Seriously if you know the answer please holla at me.  Bum deals and bad business moves aside why can’t these cats see a well deserved platinum plaque?  Live show wise there aren’t too many better then these two.

Onto the business of the day though. They have some new stuff floating around and it is FIYAH using my best Danze and Fame voice…lol. Blow horns seems like a very small preview to what these cats will be dropping soon. Even though I get this stuff through a record pool I am still supporting these cats when it drops officially.

M.O.P.-Blow the horns

M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes-Blow the Horns pt. 2


~ by thedjprototype on April 7, 2009.

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