Soundbites Team Slam 4-11-09

Team-NauhatlAs I right this I have a number of emotions running through me. Fatigue (long weekend), relief (bathroom and some reading material), disappointment (The Lakers might not get home court throughout the playoffs this post season) but mostly awe. The Soundbites Team Slam was incredibly dope! It has been a long time since I have seen so many talented poets spit fiyah on every topic from The N word (Nerds not the other one) to losing hair (I can relate) to my favorite of the night “When speaking on desert”. I can say that there was not ONE poor performance in the bunch every artist killed it. It was like watching an All-Star game where you see the players going extra hard (No Cam’ron) at each other. I am just glad that no one said anything about stabbing themselves with a pen and bleeding words (that has been officially retired since 1996).


First I have to thank Mahogany Browne and Jive for hosting such an incredible event. When I asked to shoot the Slam I knew I would see some talent but I was never prepared for what was about to go on. 3 separate events 11 teams (supposed to be 12 but one team bowed out) some dope features and 1,432 photos later the champs Nahuatl straight from Richmond VA. took home the grand prize.


Team IndelibleA few times I was caught in the moment and losing myself in the performances and not shooting. I had A LOT of “oh shit get back to work” moments. If I were focused I may have caught close to 3,000 images because of the way each artist gave the audience more then just words. They showed why poets are some of the dopest performers and should be taken very seriously. For those of you who missed it shame on you. There may never be a time when so much talent will ever be under one roof again. However, peep the preview to the pics that I will be posting up to the event later this week.


~ by thedjprototype on April 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Soundbites Team Slam 4-11-09”

  1. The shots are incredible!

  2. can;t wait to see the rest of the pics

  3. hope to see the rest o the pics

  4. these pictures are ridiculous! can’t wait to see the whole set.
    – sean (team diction your mouth)

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