The Rat Pack Preview…..Shanelle Gabriel as Billie Holiday

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I have been infatuated with the entire 60’s era of Men wearing tux’s and Women dressing their in their finest and wearing pearls to dinner. The entire mood of fashion and life was A LOT different. Pop culture had the type of vibe where stars and entertainers were actual stars and not someone who decided to hire an agent because they made a sex tape and had it was leaked on the internet. There were no such thing as “reality” TV stars. Most actors and actresses were triple threats (sing, act and dance). Fast forward and you will be lucky to find someone who can act let alone any of the other 2.
So my ode to the 60’s began with Billie Holiday. Looking around my friends and associates I immediately saw that Shanelle Gabriel fit the mood and was willing to do the shoot (thank you so much!!!). As I continue on this ode to the 60’s (Indelible yall are up next! Get yah Tux’s right lol) I dive much deeper into an era I had no part in but appreciate from an artistic perspective. With that said Jo Jo/Nemesis we have A LOT of work to do!!!

You may ask “Wait Billie Holiday was in the Rat Pack?” unofficially no but she did a great deal of shows, songs and “other” stuff with them. PEace

*side note. If anyone is interested in being a part of this idea of mine please hit me up. I would love to incorporate as much talented folks to be characters in this idea I have.


Who fucked up? (Em vs. Busta vs. Cam vs. Meth & Red)

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All I want to know is who fucked up? Last week 4 albums were released on the same day (except for Cams who dropped days prior) and all 4 releases were solid if not good albums. For Eminem it was a return after a long hiatus that saw so many things happen professionally and personally for him. Meth and Red dropped the LONG anticipated sequel to the Blackout album. Busta went through a label change (Aftermath to Universal) and practically having to re-record much of the material he had for this new label venture. Cam has been through what seems the most from group beef (or lack of beef if you ask any of the Dips), family issues, label and business dealings. So they all share the pressure of dropping an album but also personal issues. But I just want to know who fucked up?

All 4 of these albums are and were highly anticipated for well over a year. When you start to hear stories and leaked tracks from these cats you know that it was going to be a some good stuff because the hunger seemed to be there again. Cam was getting it in Ohio, Meth and Red were rocking with UGK, Em was spitting like he was back at an open mic and Busta was really back on his bullshit with numerous guest appearances that had him sounding like the old dungeon dragon. So I ask again who fucked up?

Now I am not clear which quarter we are in music wise but I know this is the time where those summer songs start to pop up who will have that album that rocks in your ipod, car or home system. As their albums got close to dropping who was the person to decide to release all of these albums either on the same day or close too it? Given all 5 of these emcees have followings and fan bases but in this economy who is willing to spend $10 a piece on one album let alone 5? Was this a sick game of chicken to see which record label would flinch first as far as release dates? Def Jam (didn’t budge), Interscope (didn’t budge), Universal (didn’t budge) and Asylum (didn’t budge).

So who is the big loser after Em did 600,000 + in one week according to Soundscan numbers? Ultimately it is the fans that lose. Now that we are based solely on numbers and not music it is a good chance we wont get a black out 3, Busta may take his sweet time to drop something new. However, Cam might be able to continue on because his fan base isnt concerned with numbers swag is the most important. If I was any of the artist I would have a serious issue with my record company not thinking strategically about the record release dates. But being the true fan of good music I am going to support these four albums…..But seriously who fucked up?

Also do yourself a BIG favor and cop that Tanya Morgan album it is tight! Brooklynati its already been reviewed on Potholes in my blog so I will spare you the blabbering and just link you to the review Tonya Morgan Review

mafia Music Remix!

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I rarely say that any main stream track is hot after one or two listens (especially one associated with Rick Ross) but this time I have to say….this track is FIYAH!!! not because of the content but because all of the artist on the remix sound extra focused (Rick Ross, Fat Joe, GAME & Ja-Rule….yes Ja Rule). Welcome to Ru-York!!!!!'>mafia_music_remix

Soundbites Team Slam 4-11-09

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Team-NauhatlAs I right this I have a number of emotions running through me. Fatigue (long weekend), relief (bathroom and some reading material), disappointment (The Lakers might not get home court throughout the playoffs this post season) but mostly awe. The Soundbites Team Slam was incredibly dope! It has been a long time since I have seen so many talented poets spit fiyah on every topic from The N word (Nerds not the other one) to losing hair (I can relate) to my favorite of the night “When speaking on desert”. I can say that there was not ONE poor performance in the bunch every artist killed it. It was like watching an All-Star game where you see the players going extra hard (No Cam’ron) at each other. I am just glad that no one said anything about stabbing themselves with a pen and bleeding words (that has been officially retired since 1996).


First I have to thank Mahogany Browne and Jive for hosting such an incredible event. When I asked to shoot the Slam I knew I would see some talent but I was never prepared for what was about to go on. 3 separate events 11 teams (supposed to be 12 but one team bowed out) some dope features and 1,432 photos later the champs Nahuatl straight from Richmond VA. took home the grand prize.


Team IndelibleA few times I was caught in the moment and losing myself in the performances and not shooting. I had A LOT of “oh shit get back to work” moments. If I were focused I may have caught close to 3,000 images because of the way each artist gave the audience more then just words. They showed why poets are some of the dopest performers and should be taken very seriously. For those of you who missed it shame on you. There may never be a time when so much talent will ever be under one roof again. However, peep the preview to the pics that I will be posting up to the event later this week.

30 Seconds to respond!

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“I’m ready! and now its my turn to build uplift/get swift then drift/ off and do my own thing switch up/change my pitch up/smack my bitch up/” Kool Keith 1998 Give the Drummer some.

Before Kool Keith became the man with 1,000,000 names and personas he was a part of one of the most innovative groups in Hip-Hop history. The Ultramagnetic M.C.’s Moe Love, Ced-Gee, Kool Keith, TR Love and sometimes Tim Dog (Fuck Compton! lol) were apart of what was called the golden age of hip-hop were only the strong survived among a slew of talented acts.

What separates Ultra from other groups is while everyone was talking about cars, cash, clothes, girls,Ultra was taking you on a trip that sometimes reached out of out this universe. I can remember my brother playing Critical Beatdown, ESPECIALLY “Ease Back” saying that these guys were sick. It was until I got a little older were I finally say past just the beats programmed by Ced Gee. This was a crew of M.C.’s that actually wanted to take rap music to another level. Ced-Gee who produced the entire album rarely gets credit for delivering many classic tracks not just for Ultra but many of the Golden Age’s best rappers.
Ultra could be called the God-Fathers for many groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Artifacts, Digital Underground to name a few. If you don’t have this album follow the link and put your Louis Vouton jump suit
from Dapper Dan on.


Critical Beatdown 1988, Plateau Records

N***S thought M.O.P. stood for Mop!

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M.O.P. For years I have been a M.O.P. fan and copped every album since they dropped “To the Death” in 1994.  If you ever heard “How about some hardcore” in a club or house party you knew it was time to salute extra hard! With countless anthems under their belt including the mosh pit starting “Ante up!” M.O.P. is easily one of the top 5 duos of all time.  But why do so many sleep on them when it comes to record sales?  Seriously if you know the answer please holla at me.  Bum deals and bad business moves aside why can’t these cats see a well deserved platinum plaque?  Live show wise there aren’t too many better then these two.

Onto the business of the day though. They have some new stuff floating around and it is FIYAH using my best Danze and Fame voice…lol. Blow horns seems like a very small preview to what these cats will be dropping soon. Even though I get this stuff through a record pool I am still supporting these cats when it drops officially.

M.O.P.-Blow the horns

M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes-Blow the Horns pt. 2

Last Night a DJ saved my Life

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“Last Night a DJ saved My Life” is one of the greatest songs in the history of music for a DJ to play.  At some point all real DJ’s (and I say and mean real DJ’s because technology has given birth to something that has affected the title) have spun this track and saw people swoon back and forth on the dance floor.  When Indeep sang those words it was a testament to all the DJ’s who could play music that would evoke every kind of emotion from joy to pain to glee to raunchy.  When I have played this song at least one half drunk female serenades me with a few lines and I get the occasional quick dance then back to work (one of the many perks….lol).

The book of the same name (Last Night a DJ saved my life: The history of the Disc Jockey) is equally impactful (is that a word? If not let me contact Websters about getting that added in to our vernacular).  It was recommended to me by a friend after a UFC match and I have to admit it is one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I guess I am a little biased because the subject matter hits home for me. Being able to read about the history of DJ’ing from the first party with someone designated to play records to what it is today, was so inspiring that it re-affirmed why I love to put record A (Jonas Brothers) with record B (50 Cent)

Last Night A Dj saved My Life

Last Night A Dj saved My Life

.  Along with the history of the Disc Jockey each genre of music (Jazz, Reggae, Hip-hop, Disco, House etc.) gets its own history lesson with all of the highs and lows.

I wont go on gushing about this book but it is an essentital reference for anyone that claims to be a “DJ”.  It is well worth the $19.99 (or much cheaper used on Amazon) invested. Instead of buying that third copy of Purple Rain on vinyl get this book and learn ya self something.